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OCT 8-12, 2012

Invite a Speaker

Invite a Speaker to Your NPCW Event

One type of event that many groups choose to organize during National Primary Care Week is a speakers panel. A speakers panel is a great way to bring together knowledgeable speakers – clinicians, advocates, students, and others – to share their experiences and provide new perspectives on the importance of primary care. During NPCW 2012, two members of the Primary Care Progress team are available to speak at select NPCW events: Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer, PCP President and Co-Founder, and David Margolius, PCP Innovation Collaboratives Team Advisor. If you’re interested in bringing one of the speakers listed below to your NPCW event, email


Andrew Morris-Singer - Andrew is both a primary care clinician and community organizer with more than 15 years of experience working on field campaigns. Currently, he is a general internist providing primary care at a new patient-centered medical home in Boston. In Spring 2009, Andrew founded the precursor to PCP to advocate for improved primary care programming at Harvard Medical School. As the President of PCP, Andrew speaks around the nation about strategic community engagement, clinical innovation, and direct action organizing around primary care. As  an instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Andrew also teaches and mentors medical students and residents.


David Margolius - David is a resident at UCSF and is pursuing a career in internal medicine primary care. Between his third and fourth years of med school, David spent a year working with community health center staff and physicians in San Francisco to improve their delivery of primary care. David has appeared in numerous panels and conferences as an expert in the area of primary care clinical innovation and team-based care.