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OCT 8-12, 2012

Event Ideas, Resources & Planning Tips

National Primary Care Week Event Ideas

PCP and AMSA Programming and Evaluation team members have created toolkits that you can use to run events at your school or in your community that focus on bringing people together across various stages of training and different fields of medicine, and can springboard to larger sustained movements at your institution. Possible events include speaker panels, town halls, and workshops.

Bringing Voices for Primary Care to Your Event

Want to help give primary care a voice?  Click the link below to find out everything you need to know to incorporate our NPCW social marketing campaign into your event.

How to Incorporate the NPCW Voices for Primary Care Campaign Into Your Event

NPCW Toolkits

Below are several innovative NPCW programming tool-kits from the American Medical Student Association.

Healthcare Reform & Primary Care
Patient-Centered Medical Home
Into the Community
Professional Development in Primary Care
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Event Ideas and Resources

Publicity Tips & How to Engage the Media

Event Publicity Tips
Engage the Media

Tips for Planning Specific Events

Planning an Engaging Speakers Panel
Tips for Organizing a Town Hall

We have a number of exciting, in-depth resources below that provide improve the image of primary care, increase mentorship opportunities, exposure participants to clinical innovation, and discuss reforms to medical education, including:

Local Clinical Innovation Case Study Workshop
Clinical Microsystems and Primary Care
Identifying Innovation in Primary Care Residencies
Primary Care: The Patient’s Perspective
The Impact of Messaging About Primary Care

Tips for Event Organizers

No matter what kind of event you are planning for National Primary Care Week, there are important steps to take before, during, and after your event to ensure success.  Below are just a few pearls of wisdom about how to conceive and carry out events during NPCW.

Before Your Event
- 5 Ways to Write a Better Email
- The Importance of Roles
- How to Get Turn-Out
- Practice, then Practice Again

During Your Event
- Use a “Show of Hands” Icebreaker
- Stick Around After the Event

After Your Event
- Follow-Up
- Debrief

There were almost 250 events across the globe during NPCW 2011. Check out highlights here.